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Unsure of what size of ring you need to order?

We sell the perfect tool to help you out.  

This fantastic device works like a belt.  You simply push the end through the buckle to form a circle.  Slip the Multisizer onto your finger and adjust it until it gives a comfortable fit. (Checking that it slips back over the knuckle.) 

When you've found the best fit you just read off the size indicated by the arrow. 

Sizes from A to Z +9 

* This device is an excellent indication of finger size*

£3.00 Including Free Postage to UK and Ireland Addresses 


Special Offer - If you order a ring from our website afterwards just quote in the comments that you have purchased the ring sizer already and we will refund you the £3.00 cost of the ring sizer which you can keep for future use.